Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How to Manage your Team in New StartUp with 5 Easy Steps

Employees are the most valuable asset of any organisation. It is necessary to have a strong team and a determined leader for any organisation, whether it is the startup or renowned business. Any simple idea can be accomplished a goal if the team has proper co-ordination and tactics otherwise ideas will remain but a theory. Here are some strategies how you can manage your team in a right way in a startup.
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1) Find partners with enough resources 

Partners with enough resources and who can make a long-term commitment is the fundamental key for any startups. It is hard to maintain your business without daily expenses and arrange the overhead costs and operating expenses in the beginning of any startup. 

So, make a partnership with the people who have enough resources to cover costs. Therefore, you don't have to bring outside investors up front in the very beginning.

2) Hiring skill based employees and those who have worked with startups before

It is always better to hire the individuals who have startup experience in past. They can make grow a business rapidly by using effective and budgeted marketing techniques like SEO and social media. They know how to work with big budgets and big brands.In a startup, every employee should count and hire patiently. Don’t only rely on educational qualifications while shortlisting the candidates for the startup but also count their past experience.

In any startup, a good hire is when the candidate is willing to take on additional work and duties with other employees.

3) Training is important

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.Training is the important aspect although you have an experienced team. If you want to handle any project in a decided way, then you have to show your team how to do it. Train your team by giving illustrations, explanation and put in the groundwork. 

Show them by demonstrating how to do a particular task. Once your team got the standard of excellence you want, they will ensure to complete your satisfaction.

4) Integrate people having marketing and sales experience 

First, there is always a group of technical or business mind together, they create a startup, and start bringing other functional areas together. In starting, you don't need or even have people on your team who are taking products to the market and sell them to give you money. 

What’ll happen, as a result, entrepreneurs wind up all their funding by losing on products that nobody wants to buy.According to studies, bringing marketing and selling team during the development phase with consumer-facing sensibilities, can save you from stress, save a lot of time and fundraising down the line.

5) Learn to assign the work

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to delegate important duties and tasks to your employees but you need to start assigning to other team members as your company grows. Another important factor is to delegate the ownership of a whole project completely. 

It will create confusion if you hold on to some of the work as you can’t decide at the end who is responsible for what. Team members work harder when they feel that they have full ownership of a certain project.

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