Thursday, 30 November 2017

StartUp Which Helps You to Get More Discount

Everyone loves shopping for different purposes and to burst the stress as well. It is an era of online shopping and is the very famous and reliable in this field. However, if you want to get some discounts and save a considerable amount of money, then you have to aware of some tips. The following ways will you help you to save money for the upcoming Christmas gift.
StartUp Helps Get more Discount

Read Before You Buy

The New startup of NYC is here, Virtue Review which was created in last December, helps the users to find the good available deals on amazon (US) with awesome reviews. They had published reviews in different categories like Technology (for Wifi range extender, 65 inch tv, wall mount), Home improvement (pool vacuum, cotton sheets) and health/fitness (rowing machine, spin bikes etc). You can check this start up while buying new things online.

Apart from this, there are many other ways too available which will help you to get more deals online for amazon, do check out.

Tricks to Get Discount Deals on Christmas Sale

Below is some of the tricks which will help you to get more discount during Christmas sale on amazon.

Amazon Warehouse Deals

It is an amazing opportunity for you if you want to save a big. Amazon has a section that involved with the deals from broken boxes or returns during the shipments. Then they start analyzing their complete stock along with the inventory and the products that they cannot further sell as a new, goes to the Amazon Warehouse Deals section. 

This is a great place from where you can start searching your required products. You can get amazing and big discounts in this section. Therefore, you can check for the Amazon Warehouse Deals to purchase a Christmas gift (s).

Amazon Outlet

This is an absolutely outstanding section to discover heavy discounts on latest items every day. The outlet of Amazon has closeouts, overstocks, markdowns along with the last years’ models. If they want to get rid of the inventory, then they go into this section.

All of such products are still new as well as ready for the customers for making a purchase and save a lot. You can select a category along with the associated amount of the saving and then shop for the products that fulfill the specific criteria. The Amazon outlet section can be a big saver section for you. You can search gifts for Christmas here.


It is a very useful tool while you are going to shop from You just have to enter your preferred Amazon URL or alternatively search for the keywords. As a result, CamelCamelCamel will analyze the said product’s price history. They make an analysis of the historical prices and also put such prices into an easy-to-see chart. 

You can structure the price drop notifications as well to make sure that you are having the best deal at the This valuable tool analyzes the Amazon prices on a fixed basis. If you want to get the best deals, then visit CamelCamelCamel and submit your email and get notifications whenever the price falls on Amazon.

Subscribe and Save

Amazon has an amazing section named ‘subscribe and save’ for regular items. Many people do not know about this program. You can shop from this section to view the entire list of the product they are going to offer. This program dispatches regular shipments of everyday products. They provide discounts on the indicated products. You can structure your requirements and the date (of a month) of the requirement. 

The discounts recognized on the required product pages. You do not need to worry about purchasing them each month. You can view the details of this section to get more in-depth information.

With the help of above specified and other such tools and techniques, you can get a huge discount on the desired products. Make your Christmas more delightful with the exciting deals.

How Indian Govt Helping Startups? - Check out Start Up Program

Nowadays, the popularity of startups is rising day by day. The government under the direction of PM Narendra Modi has initiated as well as promoted Startup India. In order to encourage growth and provide help to the Indian economy, an array of benefits are provided to the entrepreneurs for establishing startups. 

Indian Government Start Up Programs

indian government startup

Simple Process
: Government of India has inaugurated a mobile app as well as a website for uncomplicated registration for startups. A person, interested in the establishment of a startup, can fill up an easy form on the respective website as well as upload specific documents. The whole process is fully online. 

Reduction in Cost: The government gives lists containing facilitators of trademarks and patents. They are going to provide top quality Intellectual Property Right Services in addition to the fast examination linked to patents at smaller fees. The government will carry all fees of facilitator and the respective startup is going to bear the statutory fees only. They will have the advantage of 80% reduction in cost involving with patents filing. 

Easy Access to Funds: A 10,000 crore rupees fund is arranged by the government for providing funds to the startups in a form of venture capital.  The government is providing the guarantee to the lenders to support banks as well as other financial institutions to provide venture capital.

Tax Holiday for 3 Years: Startups will be free from income tax for 3 years given they obtain a certification from IMB (Inter-Ministerial Board). 

Apply for Tenders: Startups are able to apply for government tenders. They are free from the “prior experience/turnover” norms that are applicable for usual companies answering to government tenders.

R&D Facilities: Seven new Research Parks are going to be set up to offer provisions to startups in the R&D sector. 

No Time-Consuming Compliances: Ranges of compliances have been made simpler for startups for saving money and time. Startups will be permitted to self-certify compliance (via the Startup mobile app) with 9 labour as well as 3 environment laws. 

Tax Saving for Investors: Individuals, who are investing their capital gains in the respective venture funds organized by the government, will receive the exemption from the capital gains. It is helpful for the startups for attracting more investors. 

Select Your Investor: After the specific plan, the startups will get an alternative for choosing between the VCs, providing them the freedom to select their investors. 

Easy Exit: In the question of exit, a startup is capable of closing its business within the duration of 90 days from the winding up of the date of application.

Meet other Business Persons: Government has suggested for holding 2 startup fests yearly both nationally as well as internationally to allow the different stakeholders linked to a startup for the meeting. It is going to provide enormous networking opportunities.

Startups are highly inspired by the government. The advantages given to them are huge and for that reason, more individuals are interested in setting up startups. Some of the startups even helps the daily customer to get cheap deals.

For more information, you can look for a respective website or contact an expert in this field.