Saturday, 23 December 2017

Top 5 Startups of India (Healthcare) to Watch in 2018

Today we are going to talk about health care start-ups of india which are doing amazing and should be followed. We have collected datas from various sources to decide which are top health care start-ups which can change the way Indian health care industry works. Check out the below list with mentioned start-ups of india which are working for betterment of Indian people with unique way.
back pain

#1 Zoctr

If you are having problems with doctor appointments or remote monitoring service or any special medical equipment based health service, you can just go to Zoctr. Zoctr will do it everything for you which will provide almost everything you need to get better. It can book your appointment to doctor, can find you perfect medicine for you, can check nearby laboratory for you and what not. Recently, Sandeep parwal has funded Zoctr with 1 million dollar fund, and this startup is going up day by day.

#2 Healers At Home

Healers at Home as the name suggest a start up founded by kshitij Garg which gives physiotherapy services at home to back pain patients. The founder himself suffered from back pain for years and he has answered the question of almost all back pain or neck pain patients who are looking for cheap and affordable physiotherapist at home. They help you to back traction or neck traction at home easily using advance devices. You can go to healers at home portal to book yourself physiotherapist and call him/her at home.

#3 Vatsalya

If you are looking for oral healthcare service at affordable price, you can go to Vatsalya online portal. They help you to get affordable dentist in your area. They are providing 27*7 services. Vatsalya was acquired by USA based s-Squared capital investment for 11crs. You can ask for teeth removal service, laser surgery, root canal therapy as well.

#4 SigTuple

If you are looking for artificial intelligence based health care service at door step, you can go to SigTuple. The banglore based startup which was founded in 2015. This startup uses Shonit based AI service, which can easily diagnosis malaria, leukemia or anemia disease without wasting your time. Just go to their portal and download app or from website you can seek for health care service.

#5 Aindra

Another Bangalore based startup with artificial intelligence address to care cervical cancer. Yes, Aindra, which was found in 2012, has latest devices to diagnosis and screening of cervical cancer in woman’s. Their device is based on pap smear test which is digital microscope which has ability to classify normal or abnormal results of body which can be used by pathologist. This start up is funded by Villgro enterprise. 

These are the top 5 starts up of India (on health care) which are performing good in 2017 and will do wonders in 2018 as well. You can use their services to get well soon quickly and at affordable price.

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