Thursday, 12 July 2018

Benefits of Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme by Govt of India

While the direct benefit transfer scheme helped it save a lot on LPG subsidy, the government aims to up the number of domestic cooking gas connections by a steep 50% to 25 crore by 2019, potentially adding over 8 crore subsidized consumers in three years.

While the direct benefit transfer scheme helped it save a lot on LPG subsidy, the government aims to up the number of domestic cooking gas connections by a steep 50% to 25 crore by 2019, potentially adding over 8 crore subsidized consumers in three years. 

How much we are saving by Transferring Gas subsidy Directly in Bank Accounts?

direct benefit transfer scheme
If this year’s budgeted oil subsidy of Rs 19,802 crore appears to suffice even if the Indian basket of crude hovers around $50 a barrel as at present, the drive to expand the user base could upset the math’s. 

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Given the government’s inability to curb PDS kerosene supplies — under-recovery on kerosene at $50 per barrel for crude is over Rs 15,500, much higher than the budgeted subsidy of Rs 7,144 crore for the fuel — in the next two years, the subsidy figures could potentially skyrocket if global prices harden.

Talking to the media, petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan said the government would promote the setting up of new LPG bottling plants, transportation infrastructure, roll out new distributorships and secure long-term LPG import deals to meet the rising demand for the fuel.

State-run oil marketing companies IOC, BPCL and HPCL aim to tie up long-term LPG import contracts to get a better price and undisrupted supply, said Pradhan. Currently, around 60% of India’s LPG requirement is met by domestic production and the balance by imports.

A major feat of the Modi government is that it added more than 3.7 crore new domestic LPG consumers in just two years to take the number to 16.7 crore. Another 5 crore new connections would be offered to women from BPL households under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana till FY19 and the Centre has allocated Rs 8,000 crore for the same.

Pradhan said that with the expansion of the consumer base for clean cooking fuel, the demand for LPG in the country would increase from around 19 million tones now to about 25-27 million tonnes in the next three years. “After the launch of the Ujjwala scheme, about 85,000 new LPG connections have been provided to BPL families,” the minister said.

The petroleum ministry has prepared a road map for setting up LPG import terminals, bottling plants, pipelines and creating additional production capacity in the refineries to meet the ballooning demand for domestic cooking gas. About 10,000 new LPG distributors would be set up in 2016, said Pradhan.

In response to a question, he said the government was also working towards bridging the gap between the prices of domestic and commercial LPG. He, however, did not elaborate. Currently, the price for commercial LPG is Rs 979 for a 19.2 kg cylinder in Delhi, while non-subsidized domestic LPG is priced at Rs 548.50 for a 14.2 kg cylinder and subsidized LPG is sold at Rs 419.

When the Modi government came to power in May 2014, there were about 17 crore domestic cooking gas consumers on the rolls. After the launch of PAHAL or the Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG (DBTL) scheme, nearly 3 crore duplicate/fake consumers were weeded out. 

Another 1.01 crore have voluntarily given up the subsidy, while 0.5 crore consumers did not link their bank account with the LPG connection, and virtually stopped getting subsidy. Currently, of 16.7 crore domestic LPG consumers, 15.2 get the subsidy.

The petroleum ministry on Friday launched unified guidelines for selection of LPG distributors. Unlike the UPA regime, where there were two separate norms for setting up LPG dealers in rural and urban areas, the latest policy puts in place a single policy with four categories — sheheri vitrak, urban, grain and durgam kshetriya. 

There would be 33% reservation for applications from government personnel, the physically handicapped, women, SCs, STs and OBCs.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Top Benefits of Using Handheld Massager

You must have heard about massager which can helpful in healing body pain. Earlier, people used to hire personal massager for daily massage. But in our fast life, it is next to impossible to hire one, so now comes the electric massager. Electric massagers are good but some of them are not used personally, you always need someone. To stop this problem, doctors come up with hand held massager, which can be used by self and can cure your pain.
Handheld Back Massager

Below are some of the benefits of using handheld massager which you expect while using it.

Reduces pain and give relief

As you expect from a typical massager, handheld massager too gives instant relief of pain (depends on what kind of handheld massager you use). Mostly people prefer handheld massager for back pain as normally your hand cannot reach the back properly. You can get instant relief from all other pain like neck pain, shoulder pain, foot pain or any other part where you need massage; you can use the massager there.


As mentioned earlier, Best handheld massager solves the biggest problem the people phase. It is portable, can be used anywhere, just open it from the packing and you all done. You can easily carry while you are travelling, it doesn’t consume much space in your travel bag. So yes! Handheld massager does provide portability which you require the most.

Reduces stress

You can reduce the stress by giving massage to your body parts. Its easy to use massager to your body parts where you want heel pain. While you have high stress, your body does release cortisol, which increases fat in your body. So, you can actually reduce your fat (or at least stop increasing).

Effective Exercise

If you are thinking to tighten or lose your muscles with massage, well in that case handheld massager can be helpful. You can use handheld massager your muscles which will help you to lose your muscle and make your body more flexible. Yes, in short you can make your body more exercise friendly or if you are already exercising, you make your exercise more effective with help of handheld massager.

These are some of the unique benefits of using handheld massager. You can check the usage by using yourself. For more benefits and news on other products, keep visiting us.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Tips To Beat Summer Heat 2018 With Unique Ways

What’s your plan for upcoming summer? Well, you must be yet to plan but we do have some plans. Well this summer, you can plan something nasty and unique to beat the summer heat. Most of states of India (expect 5-6) will have 40+ degree temperatures in summer pick. 

How to Beat Summer Heat 2018?

summer heat
At this temperature, it’s really difficult to maintain body temperature. Below are some of the amazing tips you can do for upcoming summer which can turn you and your family heat free (and you can actually feel cool). So, what are you waiting for, check out tips and suggestions below;

Juices are good

There are tons of different juices available in market or you can make it in home (with help of Best juicer) which will give you instant relief. Fruits juice and other vegetable juices are perfect to maintain the body temperature. If you don’t find one, you can try below mentioned juices for summer heat.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Water melon juice.
  • Mango juice.
  • Papaya juice.
  • Sugarcane juice.
  • Orange juice.
These are the some of the amazing juice which you can try for this summer heat. This can be good startup idea to provide juice home delivery, no?

White Clothes

You believe or not, but white color clothes do reduces or help to reduce body temperature. Even in sharjah or other gulf countries where winter temperature is also around 30 degree and in summer it crosses 50 degree. They mainly dress in white colon which helps them a lot. So, what are you waiting for? Go online and buy some white t-shirt and white pyjama for your summer outing.

Go To hills

There must be hill stations around you which will have quite lower or defiantly little lower than your city temperature. In city, due to conjunction and due to concrete jungle all over, there is no space for open land is left. Also, we have cut down all trees to build our apartments, and the reason there is nothing left which can reduce the summer temperature. So, just find or Google the nearest hill stations and reach there to enjoy your weekend. 

This will give you much relief from heat and a well needed break as well. Hope you and your family have a good time.

Get Some Cooling Appliance

You can buy good air conditioner, air cooler or good ceiling fan as per your budget. These appliances will give you cold air in super hot summer. And other appliances like refrigerators (you can check the reviews of best refrigerators).

Refrigerator will also help you in other season to maintain food healthy for long time or to get ice for your wine or for holding your ice-cream for long time. it really feel good to have some cold drink or even cold water which gives instant relief from summer heat.

These are my plans which you can copy and get some relief in summer 2018. Also, wear full sleeve clothes and always get your sunscreen lotion with you and put it on all your body before you leave your home. Have a happy summer.