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Buying guide To Choose Better Mountain Bike 2018

It’s true that each and every one doesn’t want to purchase a top-class mountain bike to break the records. In case you are new in the domain of mountain biking or in case you don’t have any plan to ride it frequently, then it would be a wise idea to purchase a comparatively budget-friendly bike. 

How to Choose the Best Mountain Bikes in 2018? 


Mountain Bikes
Alternatively, if the riding activity of a person is involved with easier trails, accompanied by a couple of obstacles, then low-budget bikes are sufficient in providing performance for a large number of riders. 

Most of the budget-friendly bikes feature a common strategy: the wheel size of 27.5-inch or 29-inch, aluminum frame as well as the feature of suspension up front. If you are looking for the best mountain bikes under $1000, then consider the following features. 


Most of the bikes under the price of $1,000 has been designed and manufactured to handle incredibly technical as well as rough terrain and that’s why they are not featured with that much of suspension level (the suspension fork’s amount can get compressed). However, differences between various models are comparatively small and most frequently it is a front suspension-only design with a range from 80mm to 120mm. You ought to remember that a 120mm fork option is a significantly capable alternative within the bumps as well as off of small drops. 

Possessing less suspension level will be helpful for you in maintaining less weight that indicates the cross-country focus of these bikes. 

Tires and Wheel Size

In times of choosing the best mountain bikes under 1000, you should never forget to consider tires and wheel size. For affordable bikes, the transformation initiated with the large 29-inch wheels and since that period it has moved to 27.5-inch. This incredible wholesale shift within the domain can be experienced by the modification in traction, stability, and rollover that such larger tires offer. 


If you are looking for agile as well as lightweight bike under the price of $1,000, then you can start searching a simple combination: front suspension fork, aluminum frame as well as wheels of 27.5-inch or 29-inch. With this incredible setup, you can expect to get more responsive as well as more light-weight bike, however, don’t expect a feathery and twitchy light experience from a carbon race bike). You can expect to get a lot of fun for the sake of a mid-range hard-tail.

How Many Gears should you look for?

You might think that holding more gears would provide you with more benefit and so you might be looking for gears of 27 instead of 20. However, riding with 27-gear would be more or less instinctive to use. 

Perhaps, you have heard the name of Fat Bikes that have been released to the mass market and at that time a few people could have made a prediction of the super popularity of the super wide tire bike. 

When the usual tire of mountain bike was about the width of 2 inches, such 4 to 5-inch wide balloons were tremendously amusing. The large tires were featured with approximately endless grip amount and absorbed rough trails effortlessly. 

If you are about to purchase a mountain bike for the first time, then you can definitely go for a bike of below $1,000. However, in case of a long-term purchase or if you are living an area that has easy trails as well as low on smooth (like rocky or muddy area etc), then you can increase your budget a little bit for having a more competent speed. 

Now, it’s up to you for which mountain bike you would go, but don’t forget to consider the aforementioned features before making a final decision.

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